YEL - Your Emotions Live

YEL - Your Emotions Live
You smiled, and the world noticed it.
Wormerveer, Netherlands Netherlands
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Company description

YEL: a fun and easy to use Social TV app, making watching TV with friends in separate locations,a social event.
Discover what to watch and then rate, comment, vote and chat with your friends.

YEL: providing continuous, real-time, in-depth feedback and rating data to producers & broadcasters.

YEL: one open platform for all content producers, so just one Social TV app, browser (HTML5) based.


Awards and Mentions
Business model

Our primary goal is to gain and nurture a large audience. However there are several business models identified:

- Audience/viewing data 
- Licensing
- Custom packages for ‘branded’  content (logo’s / colours)
- Acquisition
- Commercial polls



Competitive advantage

Unique combination of team behind YEL: gamification, market research and TV/Media/Advertisement


Products of competitors (GetGlue, IntoNow, Miso, Zeebox, Viggle/Loyalize) are  all based on a single check in, a single rating,  not timeline based or multi vote, and focusses on  additional content/promo’s/trailers and  trivia, buying product / earning credits while watching. Dutch competitor ExMachina/Play2TV does have multi vote, but builds special apps per show, and not a global app for all TV shows.  
YEL is different, and has a strong focus: YEL is open, transparent,  setting up a generic platform and  have YEL as a de facto standard for content ratings. Not an app per TV show, but a fun and engaging app for all programs on TV.