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Company description

Yast is a time tracker application delivered as a SaaS app and is used by freelancers and up to medium sized businesses. While several time trackers consider them selves as easy to use, Yast has focused on the user experience and has received attention from several blogs for its user interface and experience. 

The founding team is five engineers studying together at the university and decided to make "something" before graduating. The result was Yast.

The company strategy has been "Born Global". Headquarters are located in a small town of Norway called Sogndal, but the majority of the users are from the US.

Having spent most of the time in the startup phase working on the product, focus is now shifting more towards market communication, moneytizing and partnering.


Awards and Mentions
  • 10638_365
    The Under the Radar Award is given to the presenter most successful Fast Pitch presentation. Halvor won over 100 contestants in Mountain View, November 2011.
  • Business model

    Freemium. A personal account without business features is free while a business account is a pay per month/per user.

    Competitive advantage

    - "Painfully, stupidly easy to use"

    - Flexible project structure. 

    - A one page interface for all functionalities