Create instant communities around real life gatherings on-the-go
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Company description

Until now, social media have ignored real-life gatherings, focusing rather on building extended virtual networks, which have a poor signal to noise ratio, due to the large audiences. Geo-location is also under-utilized, often limited to simple “check-ins” or finding people around you.

YASMO turns this on its head by creating communities around the powerful human experience of real-life meetings. Whether business gatherings, or holidays amongst friends, physical interactions are in their very essence temporary experiences.YASMO prolongs these experiences by giving them permanent digital extensions, allowing users to chat, share & exchange messages, pictures, videos & documents on-the-go within these private communities. 

This way Yasmo feeds 'stickiness' to the big social network, making it a good potential buy-out.


Business model

Yasmo will continue revenue generation with its Pro version offered to Professional Event Organisers, at an average of $1,500/organiser/month. During Yasmo's user base growth, the company will initiate revenue share with distribution partners: Eventbrite, Salesforce, Google apps. A third revenue stream will come from Targeted Advertising, based on user demographics & location and displayed on Yasmo’s in-app ad banners.

Competitive advantage

Yasmo is not:1) an events app with static conference info, 2) a community builder around a small/capped number of friends, 3) a local area community creator. Yasmo allows the creation of private communities on the basis of common interests/objectives & real-life gatherings, cutting through the social networks noise & making the exchange relevant. Yasmo allows users to document incidents & 'have a say' whether it is a demonstration or a conference