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                Yarrup:  From wild west community to community of interest.


Yarrup helps you connect with people you share the same passion, the same study, the same business, and the same profession. Also use social recommendation to buy/sell, borrow/lend items from friends and Network. 

Business model

 - Free registration to create a large database of community of interest.

Personalized advertising for people of same passion , same profession, same business and same study.  

-  In the future,  Business people and professionals will pay for the first time especially in a social media, a  small monthly or yearly recurrent fee. We will do so because we have a well categorized membership. We know who are professionals, business people in our site, and we can charge a small fee for members to benefit from our service and premium offers. Students will not be charged. This is one aspect of our competitive advantage.

- We are creating in addition ,yarrup teen to allow our younger people, that  are using illegaly social network due to the age limit , to sign up on their platform that is dedicated especially for them. Parent will pay a monthly fee to give access to their child, and that will create better protection for our teens.


Competitive advantage

 It is a common interest sharing platform  where members of common  (passion, profession, business, study) connect, learn, and make business deal online .We are leaving the wild west community to a community of interest. Our business model is unique because we are creating a platform for people that share the same interest to meet and learn from each other. We want to bring together people that have the same drive. We are creating the next generation of social media where it is not anymore friends you do not know on your profile but people you share almost everything. So it is different from facebook, twitter and other social media.

We will go into every specific market and build community of interest. All the aspect of business, profession, study, hobbies etc will be represented. Every interest will be represented in "community" ..so it will be a huge market with great potential in terms of value we provide and also in terms of revenue model.

In addition we will create a social recommendation platform for members to borrow or buy items from each other and based on recommendation of networks, and friends. We know Friends or networks created that share the same interest can better give recommendation about what item is best to borrow or buy etc., . We have a competitive advantage because no social website has made a borrowing/lending  platform a core of their social interaction. So it is a market with lot of potential.