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Xltrax Internet Radio
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Company description

The XLTRAX network is a very unique concept of live amateur and professional radio deejays performing on different networked stations. These stations play a variety of genre and style. This way no matter what mood you are in, you can be entertained by the type of music you want to hear! Tune in now and even join us if you think you have what it takes!

Business model

We believe that we have solid services to offer to companies or businesses that might be looking to gain more exposure through the internet, through the power of radio mixed up with a very personal touch, companies are able to reach an audience in a more serious and sensitive way !

We also want to attract more artists and promote them through the services of http://mymusicsuccess.com

We are opening the doors to cost effective airplay, track advertising and interviews for independent artists and labels on one of the largest online radio broadcast networks serving now over 15,000 listeners each month.



Competitive advantage
Our mission here at Xltrax.com is to provide the best music and information 24 hours a day. Being a worldwide radio we have a responsibility to maintain a solid listener support base. Our dj’s are ready to take requests at any time. In fact, many of our listeners have Xltrax set as their home page.