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Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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XLNTads connects brands with the exciting emerging voices of the video generation. Our platform allows independent creative talent to collaborate with major consumer brands. The result: opportunities for a new generation of videographers and ads for a new generation of consumers - authentic ads capable of breaking through the clutter, contrivance and cynicism that pervades traditional media.

Hundreds of talented videographers have signed up and been qualified to be part of our creative community. At XLNTads they can talk with each other, showcase their creative work and, of course, create ads. Brands solicit these ads by subscribing to XLNTads. Each brand will have its own customized XLNTads pages laying out the call for ads. Brands will provide a 'brief' explaining brand positioning, their desired objectives for the ad, their target audience and other ad criteria. Learn more about Brand participation.

Ad creators will be provided with approved brand assets (e.g. logos, artwork, jingles, etc.) and guidelines for using the assets in their ads. Pre-cleared music, part of XLNTads' community assets, will also be available for use. Ad creators can then produce an ad and upload it to the site. Submitted ads will be screened by XLNTads' review board for adherence to specified brand guidelines, standards and values. Those passing this review will be posted at, where they can be viewed and even rated by the XLNTads community. Most brands will offer prizes for the best ads. Many will choose to purchase an ad for use on the Internet or television. The price is $5000 per ad - all going to the ad creator. Learn more about Ad Creator participation.

XLNTads wants nothing less than to revolutionize the creation of ads. We want to nurture and empower a new community of creative videographers. We want to give them the opportunity to channel this creativity into the world of marketing. And we want brands and their agencies to be able to tap this community to reach consumers with voices that resonate with authenticity and consumer insight.

Welcome to the world of XLNTads.

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