Xfluential, LLC

Xfluential, LLC
When Crowdfunding Gets Crowd-friendly
San Diego, California, United States United States
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Company description

Xfluential provides a platform to assess and leverage one's social assets, an absolute essential in the online economy, from relationship management to business reviews and crowdfunding.

whisPERK, the first web-based and mobile app to build on the Xfluential social analytics platform, lets individuals and organizations engage their social networks for publicity, feedback, and fund-raising.

whisPERK is currently in Private Beta with early adopters ranging from filmmakers and writers to non-profits such as museums and film festivals.  To be part of our next Beta round, please visit our website and request an invitation.

Business model

whisPERK is a new tool for marketing, promotion, and fund-raising campaigns that leverages the social platform of Xfluential.

The revenue model is based on subscriptions and percentage of funds raised.  Additional revenue streams will be explored when highlighted by key metrics, without negatively affecting the primary revenue streams or cannibalizing the main customer base.

Competitive advantage
Our competitive advantage is a combination of the following:

a) Strong and proven team with experience successfully executing tasks similar to those required by our current solutions:

  • Stefan's stint as co-founder of Xignite and 20+ years of  product design and data integration help with product architecture and technology.
  • Kusno's consumer-oriented background and web tech expertise derived from co-founding Cloud Girlfriend, is essential to scalability and user-friendliness of whisPERK and Xfluential.
  • Joseph's app development prowess and technical discipline ensure reliability and strong mobile capabilities for both whisPERK and Xfluential.
  • Lana's artistic background ensures a highly engaging and satisfying user interface that is eye-catching and pleasing, yet easy-to-use and highly functional.

b) Leverage of experience with the initial target customer base, e.g., Stefan's involvement with non-profits and creative professionals (filmmakers, musicians, artists, and writers).

c) Patent-pending technology and scalable platform built from the ground up.