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Company description


"share a smile"






Advertising methodology is evolving and traditional print media is not fulfilling the expectations of local small and medium size business owners, now more than ever they are turning to the internet as a platform to showcase their products and services. Paper media is going to be obsolete pretty soon and this is the moment and time to come along with this solution.




Small business in major cities and small towns have been suffering constant ups and downs in the last few years, Main St and surrounding areas are been affected by major corporation associations and the like, as a result of this mainstream Main St has been loosing its value as a the center for retail commerce and services. On the other side printed media advertising lately has not been able to make a substantial improvement to boost sales in a significant percentage.




We are developing a robust and sophisticated online and mobile advertising solution called Multifunctional Ad Module's®, this component merged onto a geo-social environment  comes to address this problem and bring back business and close relationship between consumers and retailers are in need for.

Our solution brings a new panorama to the equation by creating a portal of opportunity for both the retailers and services on one side and in the other side eager customers in need of offerings from their local stores that they currently do not have access to in an organized, fun, creative, competitive and entertained driven ecosystem, this is something very deferent to how yahoo, bing and google present their local search and advertising to the user.

The local o big advertiser in exchange can do a real local zip code campaign to a complex detailed and timed worldwide campaign in matter of minutes. What we'll be creating with our solution is a single portal for all small businesses worldwide and at the same time a single entertainment portal for local, music, videos, sports, local events, travel, TV guide, news, traffic, weather, flight info and relevant Poi's; its time to start the website organization and that's why we founded xexi inc (xtreme entertainment .xtreme intelligence) to start the web organization and start a new path to united progress. 

Business model


We define our company as a complete core of integrated advertising and social network platforms that has a combination of three core business models:

                     INTEGRATED REVENUE SYSTEM

  1. Membership Model.
  2. Online Dynamic Advertising Model (PPC, PPI, PPA).
  3. Mobile in-application Advertising Model (PPC, PPI, PPA).


Our competitive advantage relies in our capacity to aggressively gain market adoption

and share in two main channels the first one by putting a direct selling channel as soon

as we launch our products and services and the second one our wow intuitive and easy to use interface and more importantly the way will organize retail and business services information and events in an easy to locate everything environment.

These are the barriers to entry in our competitive landscape:

- An easy to use and comprehensive mass portal and mobile application with rapid user


- Time to local markets.

- Flexibility and Capability to enter new markets at the scale and speed we've planned

Competitive advantage



Our core advantage is in our channels of distribution that will include direct-in-house sales personnel to handle major accounts for Web and Mobil advertising.

For small and medium size business accounts will use a force of about 15k independent contractors (Personal Consultants. PC's) distributed strategically across the country by major and local staffing agencies with whom will make business relationships to serve quickly and efficiently those local accounts.

Will be able to use the expertise and unique structure of these agencies to penetrate and gain systematically market share and at the same time been able to manage growth accordingly.