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Location: San Francisco, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Post-launch
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San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Wootric is the AI-powered platform for measuring and boosting customer happiness. We offer a flexible, rigorous solution for aligning everyone in a company around improving customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our platform uses proven CX metric surveys to gather customer feedback in any channel: Net Promoter Scoreā„ , Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score -- all effective ways of “metricizing” customer feedback used by thousands of companies worldwide. Millions of survey responses train our proprietary algorithms to enable auto-categorization and sentiment analysis of qualitative feedback. Wootric helps customer insights, product, customer success, and marketing leaders improve the customer experience to drive retention and increase brand loyalty. Companies including Citrix, DocuSign, GrubHub, Docker and Zoom are using Wootric to win customers for life. Founded in 2014 by Deepa Subramanian and Jessica Pfeifer, Wootric is headquartered in San Francisco and funded by Cloud Apps Capital Partners.

Shruti Gandhi
I invest and advise early stage companies. Previously, I was an investor at True Ventures and Samsung's Early Stage Fund. I am good at executing vague ideas into a product and bizops. I enjoy investing but with my background in engineering I also...