www.webhub.mobi by Yuvee, Inc.

www.webhub.mobi by Yuvee, Inc.
Why share just one link, when you can #multishare?
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description

WebHub.mobi is all about the next advance in sharing content on the web, especially mobile, as well as the next advance in search engine technology. 

WebHub.mobi is a full-featured, sophisticated cloud app where anyone (people and businesses) can create, share and connect around #multishare maps on topics they love that unlock the power of sharing.  Creating, finding and sharing content is a major part of everyone's lives, including individuals and businesses.

Current sharing allows for people and businesses to share one item at at a time: one photo, one video, one article, etc.  But the content people love is all over the Internet (Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, websites and webpages, IoT, etc), and comes in any form (images, videos, gifs, pdfs, blogs, articles, twitter feeds, maps, searches, etc). 

Sharing multiple related items together is more than a 10x improvement in sharing because multiple items tell a better story about what people love (here are 3 favorite youtube music videos and a related blog, etc).  Anyone using WebHub can collect all of that together in personalized, expressive and shareable maps, then share the maps as easily as they share a single item now on any platform they like to share things on.  Each #multishare map gets its own, unique url. 

This moves the world to a new level: a #multishare environment where people and businesses don't have to share just one link at a time.  They can create whole stories around groups of links, and share them with one url to the internet map they have created.  WebHub's maps are  especially optimized for phones.  It takes 3 steps and about 20 seconds to learn to use any and every map.

Each layer of each #multishare map has advertising space that can be tailored to the topic of that layer.  Each ad space in each layer of each map is in view 100% of the time on value-added, non-intrusive basis, including on smartphones.  As the maps work across all browsers and all devices, advertisers get an ad channel that reaches to every device with a browser,  and that delivers ads on a highly content relevant basis for the user based on the map topic and layer in the map where the user has chosen to go.

Further, each #multishare map offers companies and their ad/marketing agencies a uniquely powerful content marketing capability.  Each #multishare map can contain links to a wide range of relevant content selected by a company to convey the message the company wants, and they company can then place its own ads in its own #multishare maps.  Each of these content marketing #multishare maps are persistent presences on the Web so their value grows over time, and they can be edited and updated anytime.  Each map has a unique url, so the maps can be shared on any social network as easily as sharing a single link now.  This combination of attributes solves many key marketing issues, including the very pressing one that social media posts disappear almost instantly, and require non-stop, round-the-clock refreshing, making it very hard to tell or build a consistent story or set of stories.

WebHub is a registered trademark, and WebHub.mobi is backed by a global, issued patent portfolio.






Business model

(1) Advertising revenue from ads placed in #multishare maps, (2) monthly recurring revenue from fees for unlocking extra features, including to control the ad spaces in each map of the user

Competitive advantage

Highly differentiated product offering

global issued patent portfolio