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Company description

At 1st Page Local we help small local business owners (no matter where they are) identify opportunities and then put those opportunities in place to attract new customers, and increase their profits.

We help improve their company's visibility on the internet where customers are already looking for them, and we help them deepen their relationships with their existing customers and as a result their profits typically double within the first year and then, they get to have more time off to live fully and enjoy a better more fulfilling life as part of their communities. 


We help businesses that are often neglected and we use strategies that are  designed specifically to meet the individual companies goals and needs.

We create and design, and then work as Coaches to put actionable systems in place as we add additional revenue streams to the businesses bottom line.  

Business model

We are a Business Development Specialists and we are moving toward a membership type model with variable levels of paid subscribers.


We have a distinct competitive advantage because very few people are providing the marketing driven solutions, and the personalization to each small business that we provide and coach and support on until results are achieved.


Having had Financial Planning experience, Mortgage Brokering experience, and then Real Estate Investment experience, proves my dogged determination to thrive and my ability to adapt to a changing world and jump into solve the problems of the day and generate profits while sharing the gains with the people who help make things work more efficiently.


Because we're pioneering our way into these solutions it will be hard to steal our processes or formulas due to the individual needs of each small business. 


As we progress, we will be moving towards a software driven solution that encompasses many of our processes to allow further scalability.