Wounds A.I.

Wounds A.I.
Cognitive Wound Care
Greater New York City Area
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As a wound care product sales executive, Roshini identified deficient data capabilities as the root cause of wound care’s subjectivity, inconsistency and inaccuracies resulting in higher costs and prolonged healing.

Chronic wounds cost $54 billion per year growing 10 percent with costs ranging from $11,000 to $44,000 per year per wound. These costs can be attributed to the complexity of wound healing as well as reactive methods that result in high error rates, subjectivity and inconsistency in the assessment and treatment of wounds. 


By using a combination of deep wound image inspection with machine learning, Wounds AI provides clinicians and administrators with actionable intelligence such as risk of infection, costs to heal a wound and prevention of chronic wound occurrence. Our patent pending platform can reduce costs and associated suffering by making wound care more automated, accurate and proactive.


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