Location: 9425 North Meridian St. Suite 321 Indianapolis, IN 46260, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States United States
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Skye Winslow

World's Largest Streaming Video Production Company
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States United States
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Company description
GVS employs over 3,000 professional videographers and writers in all 50 states and the United Kingdom. We create custom professionally produced videos for small to mid-sized businesses. Our flat fee price of $1499 includes: professional videography, on-location taping, pre-production with a professional writer, script, editing, graphics, licensed music, closed captioning, encoding, DVD and a year of hosting. Our videos are flexible! We allow clients to use their video in: online banner and classified advertising, email signature links and Vlogs. They can use their free DVD and burn thousands of copies for distribution! It can even be used as a TV commercial! GVS is different than Spotrunner - every video is custom made - no stock footage. And, as you can tell by its versatility, it’s an incredible deal! Here’s a demo of how clients utilize their video: In addition to taping custom videos, we’ve created a new technology to play streaming video within an email signature. Built in a CMS, and still in Beta, our Video Information Page - (VIP) can be linked to the owner/manager's email and to every employee's email for a mass email campaign - one email at a time. Email me and see how it works beautifully with our custom videos! Visit then, email or call me with your questions or comments. Thanks!
Business model
Founded in 2004, Global Video Services, LLC, is the world's largest streaming video production company employing over 3,000 independent professional videographers and writers. GVS works in all 50 States and the United Kingdom to create custom, professionally produced video at less than half the cost of standard industry rates. It offers flat fee pricing which is very attractive to small business owners. In addition, GVS closed captions all of the videos it creates giving the 28 million deaf and hard of hearing Americans proper access to Internet. Over 100 million people utilize closed captioning! In addition, federal and state agencies require it. (Captioning only in wmv format, hosted on GVS servers) Always an innovator, GVS created a way for its clients to incorporate their custom streaming videos into their email signature. In 2005, GVS partnered with Cendant which gave the company access to its base of over 300,000 Realtors with which to test market. After years of testing and data collection, GVS launched its sales initiative in June, 2007 through independent sales agents. Due to its business structure, GVS has very little overhead.
Competitive advantage
* Massive database of professional videographers and writers *Global penetration * Multiple streams of revenue * Original content creator * Content owner * All work is outsourced * No employees * Experience * Closed Captioning * Privately Held