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World's First Real-Time 3D Intelligent Messenger
Sydney, Australia Australia
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Company description
The Moji Intelligent Messenger is the world's first fully real time 3D instant messenger where the pets and characters users create or adopt understand, react and respond to everyday chat conversations. Whilst it looks and performs like any other instant messenger, the main point of difference between the Moji IM R0.9.1 and other instant messengers is that users experiences, on the Moji IM, is completely responsive to their language and what they say. The MojiKan virtual pet is not a puppet and has a life of its own – even though its personality is derived from its owner. We believe that avatars and pets in this way are more engaging, and certainly more nuanced and responsive to humans – just like a real pet. Watch Moji chat, play, interact or just while away its time playing tricks on everyone!! Give it a kiss or just smack it around in real-time 3D. MOJI!!
Business model