Location: Sydney, Australia Australia
Founded in: 2005
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
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MOR(F) Dynamics Pty Ltd

World's First 3D Intelligent Messenger
Sydney, Australia Australia
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Company description
The Moji Intelligent Messenger is the world’s first full real time 3D instant messenger where the pets and characters users create or adopt understand, react and respond to their everyday chat conversations. Whilst it looks and performs like any other instant messenger, the main point of difference between the Moji IM R0.9.1 and other instant messengers is that user experience, on the Moji IM R0.9.1 or in the MojiKan, is completely responsive to your language and what you say. We have also created pets and characters that are virtual life forms and as fully 3D real time entities. This means that our virtual pets are not puppets but instead has a life of their own – in addition its personality is derived from its "owner". We believe that avatars and pets in this way are more engaging, and certainly more nuanced and responsive to humans – just like a real pet. Chat, interact, customise, shop and play with virtual pets all in real time! We are not interested in creating mere static avatars and emotes that do nothing except graphically represent a human. We are more interested in creating virtual life forms and intelligent beings that can react to humans and understand human language in a completely new way of human-machine interaction. Over time, we will bring out products that are more and more customised to your preference, personality, habits and traits to further enhance an experience of Total Communication. More details at
Business model
Virtual Currency Licensing/Royalties Advertising
Competitive advantage
Reat time 3D pets understanding human language and reacting according will vastly change the landscape of avatar communication and entertainment, real time advertising and merchandising through 3D virtual worlds. In addition, sales of virtual currency becomes more attractive when immediate 3-dimensional ractions and interactions occur dynamically the minute user has bought virtual 3D item for pet!!