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Company description

World Education Network is developing an exciting new online community.
Stage 1 of the project is currently being developed. Please email to preview. will be a global source of information and opportunities; providing and promoting skills, jobs, technology and ideas that have a positive impact on the environment and quality of all life respectively.
Content and features will focus on sustainable practice and innovation within the following sectors:

  • Higher Education - Learning and Development
  • Business & Technology - Ethics and Innovation
  • Not For Profit - Awareness and Action
  • Lifestyle - Sustainable Living

Business model

Educational bodies, commercial and not for profit organisations are currently being approached globally to become partners.

Partnership packages range from $5000 per annum for smaller organisations to 15,000 per annum for larger organizations.

The initial product will allow partners to post content such as articles, courses, events, jobs vacancies and campaigns on the site. They will also receive a portal page accessed through a unique URL which aggregates their posted content and contains contact and biographical information for their organization.

Control over the design and function of content will be available to partners, enabling them to mobilize communities, increase fund raising and raise awareness through viral networks.

Individual listings for courses, jobs, campaigns and events will also be sold.

Banner advertising will be sold and ad-words will feature throughout the community.

Featured products such as books and DVDs will be made available for purchase, initially via affiliate retail. 

Future growth areas include branded content such as books and learning kits and an online marketplace for ideas and innovation.


Competitive advantage
The exclusive domain name provides an intuitive and distinguishable brand for the community.

The .edu prefix is both recognized and respected within the higher-education sector. Research in the United States found that 42% of graduates retained their .edu email address primarily because of the prestige associated with it.

The domain has a natural association with global education initiatives, a sense of prestige and unlimited opportunity for expansion.

It is expected the domain will be a strong selling point when sourcing partnerships, content and advertising.