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World Class Outsourcing
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Company description

WCO provides unique customer solutions through software development, application quality assurance (testing) and application architecture. WCO is a global IT Development and consulting firm as well as offshore & onshore services provider. We offer solutions in Marketing & Communications and solve your need around.

Software Application Development
Custom Web Development
CRM Development
Virtual assistant & Web Research Services
Administrative and Data management Services
E-commerce Software
Website Design, Development and Promotion 
SEO & Lead generation
Marketing & Social Media Advertisement
Newsletter and Logo Designing
Creative Designing & Flash development


WCO is partnering with many consulting firms in USA that specializes in providing the following customized global solutions to the financial services industry worldwide:

Regulatory compliance 
Technology solutions
Risk management 
Due diligence

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Business model


Seek relevant Needs & Expectations related to project





Outline of the project based on preliminary research by our professionals 



Ensure there is no confusion as to the scope of the project



Design a client specific proposal which will describe Finalize timelines based on the amount of work involved and after initial research and clarifications from the client and project costs, suggestions on the project architecture and technologies, development process and contractual scheme details. As a result, the proposal structure covers:  

  • General understanding, Purpose and Scope of the project
  • Background of WCO ("company") and its Professionals
  • Scheduling, Fees and Related Issues of the project
  • Clear iterative structure (when applicable) with a delivery and payment schedule
  • Planning/reporting details (tools, schedule)





  • Manage project with highly qualified & experienced professionals and in conformity with international standards.
  • Send regular updates and reports on progressive to client

Review of the work product by experienced professionals to ensure high quality of the work product



Interact with the client for any changes to Project if needed by sending draft copy of work/project



  • Make changes required by the client, if any;
  • Execute the project successfully at the client's place.


Competitive advantage

WCO is focused on meeting our clients' requirements in day to day business operations. We help our clients envision and shape their
growth around the key drivers of technology, productivity and cost-effectiveness. We serve clients worldwide and they include
realtors, brokers, coaches, consultants, solo entrepreneurs, business owners and lots more. Interaction and support to the
international clientele is not foreign to us. Our mission is to provide the best possible work at the best possible time. As a result of this
you have more time to focus on activities that generate more revenue for your business.
 Availability of Highly skilled Resources
 Delivery commitment as per schedule
 Excellent Project Management Skills
 In-built process quality
 Latest next-generation “Web 3.0” applications and solutions
 Reshape your company’s overall business transformation plan
 Team of highly skilled Professional
 Reduce costs, improve service levels, and innovate
 Compete globally, and be ready for unexpected market changes