Winito, Inc.

Winito, Inc.
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Winito is the easiest way to organize and track your athletic life!
Whether you are tracking your personal fitness, training for a marathon, participating in a Friday night poker club, bonding with colleagues in a corporate soccer league, or competing in a premier football program, Winito has the tools to manage your activities with ease. 

The underlying problems of all these activities are how to track your progress and how to compare yourself to others. Winito's ranking & fitness algorithms answer all of these questions, while helping you to stay organized and have fun with like minded people.


Business model

For individuals & recreational clubs, access to Winito is free (advertiser supported), clubs, leagues, schools and corporations pay a fee per team for branding, custom reporting, advanced API’s.

Competitive advantage

The underlying problems of individuals, gamers, athletes, coaches and league directors are fundamentally the same, yet no competitor has approached this space with a comprehensive picture in mind. Everyone is looking to track progress, see how they stack up against the competition and organize the events they need to attend with ease. Winito is the only hub that manages your athletic life, no matter what sport, game or fitness activity you choose to pursue, whether you are organizing at the league level, or looking to improve on your own.