Location: 41 Sutter Street Suite 1479, San Francisco, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2007
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Where creating connoisseurs is our passion.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description
Wineboo-k provides an easy-to-use online platform, enabling niche restaurants to enhance their connection to customers through personalized wine clubs, shops and blogs. We do this in a fun, entertaining and informative way using video,social networking, virtual cellars, mobile reviews and more.
  • Jennifer Chatfield
    Jennifer Chatfield | Team member
    Jennifer grew up in Minnesota andgraduated from University of MN in 1994 with a degree in Kinesiology/Sociology.Immediately after graduation, she lived and traveled throughout Europe,developing her passions for the unique lifestyles and cultures.”...
Business model

Wineboo-K’s business model is compelling in that we are able to provide our platform to restaurants as a free service in exchange for their current customer base (average of 3,000 customers per restaurant).  We promote the client s’ wine club, shop,blog and events to their customer base. In addition we provide tools to increase their customer base.

REVENUE MODEL Wineboo-k’s revenue model is also very compelling. It is subscription based and driven by prepayment that covers our costs in advance.  Subscription prices are essentially prepayment for wine, packaging and shipping.  Our revenue model is what allows us to offer our services free to restaurants as well as the opportunity for revenue share. We are not only an e-commerce platform, but a social network and a community platform through the events we will be hosting all around the nation.  Like the corkscrew, Wineboo-k’s purpose is elegantly simple, yet effectively powerful.

Competitive advantage

Wineboo-k connects a distinctive community of of wine and food connoisseurs with hard-to-find wines through an already established relationship.  Wineboo-k is focusing on serving niche restaurants, which until now has been an untapped market. Wineboo-k is the only online platform that allows restaurants to sell their wines online at retail prices and gain revenue share as a partnership with someone who has the license to do so. We are also the only platform that allows them to outsource their wine clubs. Wineboo-k offers familiarity and trust that exists immediately between the customer and restaurant’s wine club. Having already developed a loyalty to a restaurant and their wines, customers know they are getting wines selected from a list they already know and love.  Additionally they can now connect and engage in conversation with the sommelier through the restaurants blog and social network.

Winery wine clubs have the built in trust and familiarity but do not provide the variety of wines we do.