Wine & Food Travel
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Wine & Food Travel

Share the Journey of Good Living
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States United States
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Wine and Food Travel, an online magazine, is a website that shares the appreciation of life through the journey of experiencing Wine, Food and Travel. Here we share with you the stories and experiences of our day-to-day activities around the globe. Our intention is to educate, share, enjoy and bridge the gap between appreciating life’s finer things and understanding its source. From meeting WWII veterans to stumbling upon old friends, we show you a glimpse of the good life and what you might be missing otherwise.


We enjoy the fruits of the earth, share how it’s grown and makes its way to our plate for dinner. Furthermore, we encourage our readers to enjoy the moment, travel outside of their comfort zone, and just go with the flow. Travel doesn’t need to be extravagant – you might be missing the best margaritas in Los Angeles located in a hole of a wall place!


WAFT also serves as an educational resource of vegetables, herbs, fruits and highlights the creative expression of artisans. We also provide local festivals and farmers markets listings to make it easier to reach out and live well. We encourage people to appreciate the simpler things in life.

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