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Company description


We will make green energy profitable for user.


The first key of success is when your customers make money with your products; we will offer:

- Low cost electricity production with mid-range wind turbine, most applications will generate power from 2 to 6 cents per KWh.

-  Very quit wind turbine that can be used in residential area and produce enough electricity to fulfil a house or a little factory needs.

- Wind deflector that can be install on roof of high-rise and industrial building.

- A modular energy management system that will improve use of renewable green energy.

- Our modular batteries system will allow reloading electric cars in 5 minutes.

 Please read our Executive Summary or use our investor’s guide  on public playlist.


Best regards,

Frank Gagnon  Eng.

Business model


(Can be print from public playlist)

This is a two minutes presentation of the start-up Wind-Do.


 Wind-Do will essentially operate in the clean renewable energy market, where there are still numerous unsolved problems and extraordinary growth potential.


The problems: Demand for green energy and specifically for wind produced energy is becoming quite obvious. It is expected fossil fuel will run out within 50 years and it is probable that wind will supply 30 to 40% of primary energy needs. However, the current wind energy producing tri-blades generators face more and more the syndrome of ‘not in my back yard’, by the general public. This is understandable when one considers the visual and noise pollution they produce.

            One can not get around the fact that wind and sun are the future for mankind’s energy source.  However, with the current technology, they are a random source of energy that requires to be synchronized with our needs. As those energy sources must be installed everywhere to fulfil our requirements, their energy management systems also have to be installed everywhere with them. 


Our solutions:

            We have develop a new concept to build wind turbine that allow for various design that can be adapted to specific needs, for example quiet turbines for the urban environment, low cost turbines for rural electricity production or for insertion on large building.  Our marketing strategy is based on our wind turbine efficiency that is expected to be slightly better than the tri-blades generator, as explained in our presentation.

            We also have developed an energy management system that will greatly foster green energy implementation in the daily life.  Our system, based on the use of standard batteries, allows the employment of many kinds of energy accumulation technologies in the same household energy grid. This innovation will also solve the battery problems of electric cars, making it possible to completely recharge an electric vehicle in only 5 minutes. The distribution system for car recharge-station will be easy to install at very low cost.  


The Market:

            Using the cost of the giant wind turbine as a basis for our calculations, consider that 200,000 2MW generators will have to be installed every year for the next 50 years to meet 40% of primary energy needs. Our business plan demonstrates how this is possible. This represents an annual investment of 1,200 billions dollars (US) across the world.

            We assess that in 10 years at least 40% of the 50 million new cars produced every year worldwide will be electric or rechargeable hybrids. As for the time being, our technology is the only one able to recharge electric vehicles in 5 minutes, we expect that by then at least 5 million cars will use our modular batteries system; to this add motorcycles, boats, small delivery trucks, in addition to home, commercial and industrial management energy systems. We estimate that at that time end users of our electrical power management system requiring software updates will number 7 millions.


The competition:

            Our products are so innovative that we believe there will be very little if any direct competition. Our rural wind turbine will produce electrical power for the same market as the giant wind turbines, for a third to a half of the cost. The urban and the building wind turbines will allow their users direct energy cost savings. There is no product on the market currently that can achieve this kind of performance. Our strategy is not in sales of electric car or batteries but the collection royalties on an energy system for which we will own the managing software.


The management:

            As the corporation is not in operation yet, the founder is currently the only employee. He is an engineer with a vast experience as entrepreneur.

            The corporation will build a research team that will both keep our technology at the forefront of renewable energies and act as consultant for our customers.

            The business plan gives a detailed description of every team we will build.


Investment and projection:

             Rapidly becoming an international leader cannot be done without important capital influx. Investors will be able to spread their funds over a small number of payment milestone with short-term objectives while other investor’s could buy shares. Some activity can start at 4-500K$, but the corporation will really be on track after a capitalization of 5M$ is reached. The complete project will require 18M$ to fulfil all objectives. Ideally the overall funding should be completed after 15 months, as per the pro-format projections, but capitalization could be spread over 2 years if required by the shareholders.



            The corporation will need to build a vast factory within the 18th and the 36th months after its creation. This will be based on firm contracts for wind-turbines and will allow the corporation to turn to public funding. At that time it will be easy for investors that wish to exit to rapidly do so, but perspectives at that time should be so good that it is doubtful that anyone will then wish to sell their shares, even if expected public funding will be at five time the original share cost.


Interested ?

            If so, the complete demonstration of our project is available on our web site It is highly recommended that you follow our investor tutorial on Vator.TV or on our web site at . It is important that the information be read in the right order, many assessments of our business plan come from our product presentation and may give an incorrect perspective if read separately. The same applies as well to our pro-format statements that follow development based on our business plan.


Any comments or questions can be addressed directly to me at


Thank you for you interest,


François (Frank) Gagnon,  eng.

Founder of Wind-Do


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