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San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Win Win is a new AR mobile app that gamifies philanthropy! Once users download our app, they will donate money into a collective pot that's region-specific, like NYC or SF. Then, once the pot reaches a certain amount of money – let's say $10,000 – the money DROPS in the form of virtual coins that users can see through Augmented Reality! So that means users will walk around town with their phones seeing their location on Google Maps as well as the nearby coins (think Pokemon GO, except coins instead of Pikachus)! Some coins might be worth a little, but others might be worth a lot, and the money they find, they keep! So why is this philanthropic, you ask? Well, 50% of the pot is dropped into the game for people to collect, but the other 50% goes to charity! And not just any charity: we're only including charities based on the principles of effective altruism, meaning that every dollar donated is stretched to its maximum potential. All it takes is $2.50 to save a life if it's donated to the right cause, so users are making money for themselves, AND they're raising money for the causes that do the most good in the world. It's a Win Win!