Global Gadget Registry - WimpIT, and WimpIT Good
Manhattan Beach, California, United States United States
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WimpIT is an effective way to secure your gadgets. WimpIT, which is an acronym for Where Is My Phone, was originally started as a cell phone registry but the global response was overwhelming and our members encouraged us to add other electronics as well. So WimpIT is now the Global Gadget Registry.

WimpIT helps members find lost or stolen electronics and we enable purchasers of used electronics to cross-reference our database to make sure the item is being sold legitimately.

Through this process, WimpIT helps to remove the value of stolen electronics by making it more difficult to sell them on the open market.

In the rare occasion you find a lost item, input the serial number in the WimpIT database and you can be put in contact with the rightful owner. We believe each finder is due a small reward for their efforts, but not to exceed $25. We call this the Good Karma Payment Plan.