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Wild Webbies LLC

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Wild Webbies LLC
triple bottom line green educational online games, social interaction site, & shopping mall
Boulder, Colorado, United States United States
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Company description

Wild Webbies®  is a unique, first of its kind, triple bottom line, Green, educational game and social interaction site for Tweens and their extended families teaching, in a fun and immersive way, how to “go Green” and reduce carbon footprints while saving endangered species’ habitats.  We also encourage subscribers to go outdoors and re-connect to Nature and exercise to stay fit mentally and physically.  Subscribers play Green games to earn virtual Green Bucks.  Upon earning a specified number of Green Bucks, they are invited into our Green Mall where they have access to real-world, discounted, cool, environmentally-friendly products and services from some of the top-ranked Green retailers in the country.   ( is valued at $1.35 BB)  Wild Webbie’s site is patent-pending. 

Our business model is based on the two, most popular Tween, animal-themed sites, Webkinz valued at $2BB and Club Penguin, purchased by Disney in 2007 for $350MM.  However, unlike Wild Webbies, neither of these sites is Green or educational.  

Business model

Millions of grandparents – in particular grandmothers, play computer games with their grandchildren.  95 percent of the grandparents said the games provided an opportunity to “bond with, or better relate to” their grandchildren.  Nearly one-third indicated they played “family-friendly” puzzle, word and simple action games in their homes.  70 percent said they see casual games as providing valuable educational benefits.  They also saw benefits such as hand-eye coordination, learning and mental workouts.  94 percent said that at least part of their game-play interaction with their grandchildren was cooperative in nature – working together to solve puzzles, complete levels and so forth.  49 percent of grandmothers saw an increase in their grandchild’s level of interest and/or understanding in spelling, reading, vocabulary and/or history as a result of casual game play.  These benefits were observed far more frequently in children between the ages of 5 and 12 than in children aged 13 to 17.  66 percent of grandparents said they would welcome the use of casual games in their children’s schools.  For children with disabilities, the most common benefits of playing casual games were skill-building, hand-eye coordination improvement, positive reinforcement, stronger concentration and increased confidence.  (Grandparent News, Millions of Grandparents Playing Video Games with Grandkids, Aug. 30, 2007).

Competitive advantage

Global Market

Wild Webbies® will aggressively market its unique services to the families in the United States.  Additionally, we will include families in the Northern European market:  Norwegians, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, German, British and French.  These groups all speak English, are extremely game and family motivated and computer savvy. 


Market Opportunity

Research shows that the Tween extended-family will be drawn to our site for the following reasons:

  • 65% of children aged 6 to 12 really liked the idea of linking a brand with endangered species.

(, 2007)

  • 87% of Americans feel they are “concerned” about the environment.  
  • 90% of Americans say it is important for companies to be mindful of their impact on the environment and society.  
  • The environment has remained one of the top three concerns that consumers say they most want businesses to bear in mind. 
  • 83% of consumers feel they have a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about. 
  • 30% of American adults make purchasing decisions based on their personal, social and environmental values.  
  • 76% of consumers would switch to a company associated with a good cause, if price and quality were equal.
  • 66% of adults said they would switch brands – and 62% said they would switch retailers - to support a cause they care about. The demand for Green products and services is likely to increase within the next 15 to 24 years, as the 71 million members of Generation Y-born between 1977 and 1994-grow into positions of power as heads of both households and businesses.  They are the first entire generation to have been taught in school about the consequence of human actions on the planet’s vitality.  Our studies show that these younger adults, who will be the buyers of tomorrow, are much more willing to spend money for environmental products than their parents were. (Boulder Daily Camera, Eco-Friendly Tourism Takes Flight, July 29,2007)

Other Marketing Strategies

  • Generate “free” publicity through publisher’s policies of marketing new businesses:

                      Parade magazine:  inserted every Sunday in nationally syndicated newspapers

  • Initiate Tween discussion of our website on YouTube, FaceBook, etc.
  • Green Retail support advertising campaign from inception of year one
  • Attend game shows and functions that sponsor “Green” companies
  • Publish articles written by educational and scientific consultants to the company
  • Seek-out relationships with schools regarding our educational, science and math-based content and PE programs for obesity reduction thru exercise
  • Personal appearance, endorsement by noted “Green” celebrities on FaceBook, YouTube encouraging Tweens and their families to join Wild Webbies’ Green initiatives and website
  • Promote our site in Ranger Rick magazine
  • Enlist the support of Moms and Grandmothers to market our site thru FaceBook, Twitter etc.
  • Use our connection to the 200 zoos and aquariums that attract 175 million visitors a year to promote our site