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Company description

Wikio is a personalizable news page featuring a news search engine that searches media sites, blogs and the contributions of Wikio members.
Company information

The company WIKIO is a search engine that facilitates access to news not created by its editors. WIKIO is a technical contractor of the Internet under Community Directive 2000/31/EC of June 8, 2000 under electronic commerce. WIKIO is based in Luxembourg with a startup capital of 1,666,175 euros. Altitude Telecom is the host of the WIKIO website. For all questions, consult the usage directions on the site. Direct all complaints concerning WIKIO and/or related to the rights of third parties to All complaints sent by other channels will not be taken into account.
Terms of service

Use of articles (title, summary, photo, link and author) from the Wikio server or the RSS stream emitted by Wikio is authorised on condition that no modification is made, and that the articles are used for personal or informative reasons, and not for commercial purposes. Use of articles for any reason other than those stipulated is strictly forbidden by law. Any person who fails to respect the applicable legal dispositions is guilty of fraudulent imitation and can be punished according to the law. The above information does not include the conception and layout of the Wikio web page or of any other site, managed, controlled or belonging to Wikio. The elements of the Wikio websites are protected by the rights on designs and models, copyright, brand rights and applicable regulations concerning unfair competition. These elements cannot be fully or partially copied or imitated. No logo, graphic element, sound or image from a Wikio website can be copied or published without the express consent of Wikio. Wikio makes no statement concerning the appropriateness for any specific use of news in the articles it republishes or in the graphic elements it publishes. All articles and graphic elements are “as is,” with no guarantee of any sort. Wikio makes no implicit guarantee of the abovementioned news, in particular concerning the quality, appropriateness for any specific use, rights or absence of fraudulent imitation. Wikio cannot be held responsible, whatever bases of responsibilities are evoked, for indirect, accessory or incidental damages (nor for any damages resulting from incorrect interpretation of an article, from disinformation or from defamation) resulting from or related to use or display of news published by this service. The articles republished and graphic elements published on the Wikio server may contain inexactitudes or typographical errors. Changes in the news sources referenced by the search engine are made periodically. Finally, at any time Wikio can make improvements and modifications in the services offered by this website. The Wikio website is only for personal, non-commercial use. It cannot be used in any illegal fashion or to harm Wikio, the publishers syndicated on its service or its “contributor” users who post comments or articles. Without limiting the general character of the present article, you cannot use the Wikio website in such fashion as to harm, prevent, abuse or compromise Wikio or the editors with links to their articles. Regarding the comments and articles published by members, the author authorises Wikio (1) to use, copy, distribute, transmit, post in public, present in public, reproduce, edit, modify, translate and reformat members’ contributions on the Wikio website and partner sites, and (2) to sublicense his or her rights, within the limits of applicable regulations. The contributions posted on Wikio are not remunerated. Wikio can delete comments and articles at any time. For each contribution, the author must state that he or she holds all rights needed to grant the authorizations stipulated in the present article. Finally, Wikio reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions and legal warnings applicable to its websites. You must regularly consult these terms and conditions of use. Renewed use of the Wikio website, after the date of any modifications, constitutes tacit acceptance of your responsibilities as indicated in these modifications.
Links to other web sites

The links in the titles of the articles makes you exit the Wikio site. The targeted sites are not controlled by Wikio, and Wikio bears no responsibility for the contents of these sites, the links they contain, nor the changes and updates that may be effected on them. For your convenience, Wikio supplies the title, the link and a short excerpt of the article, but the inclusion of a link towards an article does not imply any approbation of the site by Wikio. As a general rule, Internet site publishers have no objection to persons or services that make links to the pages of their sites, as long as their content is not denatured. Nevertheless, Wikio offers publishers the option of no longer being referenced by its service. Consequently, Wikio cannot be held responsible for the discontinuity of one or several sources among the thousands of sources currently accessible on its website.
Personal data

Wikio does its utmost to protect the privacy of its users, by respecting the regulations in force to this end. Wikio has declared the gathering and treatment of your personal data to the CNIL (declaration underway). The present article is to inform you of the general policy followed by Wikio to respect your personal data in utilization on its site. Moreover, we commit to update this article to conform to development of your rights. Under no conditions will Wikio share or divulge your personal data, except if we are obliged by court order or by law. For Wikio, the term “personal data” means all information about you that you have willingly given us or that we have gathered during your navigation and that, whatever the nature, enables us to directly or indirectly identify you. The personal data we refer to comprises “nominative data” and “navigation data.” By “nominative data,” Wikio means all personal information that you give us when you open a Wikio account, in order to access our personalised services such as publication of articles. This data is not public; only your pseudonym appears as a signature to your contributions (comments or articles). This data is exploited to ratify a personalised session and enables us to verify that you are the person authorised to publish a news item. Remember that the use of certain Wikio services obliges you to identify yourself. Certain information, in particular navigation data, can be aggregated (and thereby made anonymous) to optimise your use of the Wikio site. We also use anonymous data for our surveys and statistics in order to optimise our services. If your Wikio account is inactive for more than a year, it can be deleted at any time without prior warning. In this case you will lose your Wikio identity, and it can be attributed to another user. After the one-year hiatus, you can no longer access the Wikio services that require a session to be opened, nor can you access the content that you may have stored with these services. You will no longer be able to recover your Wikio identity. As part of operation of its services, Wikio reserves the right to place “cookies” on your computer and to access them. In particular, Wikio uses the cookies to manage the sessions that you open on personalised services via your Wikio account. Please note that when you access by clicking on article links at publisher sites, cookies may be placed on your computer by these companies. The use of such cookies is an aspect of these companies’ policy, which we strongly advise users to consult. Your personal data is conserved as long as you use your account, plus for 90 days after you have requested the closing of your account, to reserve your former account name so that other users cannot reuse your name for malicious or discourteous reasons. Wikio informs you that you dispose of a general right of access, rectification and deletion of all personal data concerning you that has been gathered for your use of Wikio services. In fact, you can access most of your personal data online. Therefore you can modify the information associated with your account online at any time. You can also modify the information by writing to the following address: Wikio France, Service Utilisateurs, 10 route des quatre chemins, 27400 La Haye le Comte, thereby enabling us to satisfy your request.