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Springfield, Virginia, United States United States
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Company description

Business Description:  WhyGoSolo is the ideal solution to quickly create one-on-one or small group connections for active participation in offline activities.  It is the perfect combination of tools, technology, and community to make real world connections for professional networking and socializing.

Social Media Platform: WhyGoSolo serves has the perfect social media platform for event planners, entertainment venues and networking groups to reach out to active members looking for things to do.


Company Background: WhyGoSolo - conceived in February 2007 - was created as the solution to the fundamental failure in social networks. Social networks are built upon the concept of seeing what your friends are doing, not around doing things yourself. The web is at the point where people are eager to bridge from the online connections built through online communities and blogs to offline interaction in real life. People are looking receive value, create purpose, and enable real life application from their online networks.


Products/Services:  Our worlds and communities are becoming blended between online and offline and WhyGoSolo makes bridging back and forth as simple, easy, convenient and fun as possible by being embedded in our members online world and providing the tools, features and services to take the interaction offline. It starts with Listings on our Community Board, to our Handshake Process and Flakeout Score system for accountability. For Powered by WhyGoSolo customers, we provide affordable tools and technology to help keep and grow membership particularly for networking groups and organizations looking to reach out online in new and creative ways. We are an excellent social media outlet with active participants for venues, promoters and organizations to promote their events and get greater turnouts.


Technologies/Special Know-how:  WhyGoSolo was built specifically to serve as a hub to exchange information with a variety of different services for greater usability and growth. This is done with our RESTful architecture built on Ruby on Rails and allows us to make Web Services available to our developers to extend the system to include a Facebook Application, Blog Widget, and the most important, a Mobile Platform.

Business model