Whozat, Inc.

Whozat, Inc.
Whozat The People Search Engine
Altadena, California, United States United States
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Company description

Whozat is the only people search engine to have beat Google and every other search engine tested 3 to 1 in a third-party blind comparison of the relevance of people search results.


Whozat finds social network profiles, photos, videos, web results, email addresses and much more.


Whozat is the pioneer of interactive search, letting you refine your search results in real-time based on whether you find any result relevant or not.


Whozat is a truly semantic search engine, understanding the meaning of your queries and of the results.


Whozat's proprietary algorithms search deeper and find the most relevant results, saving you lots of time browsing through results pages.


Whozat boasts machine vision, too.


Try it out today at whozat.com . Then try our advanced resume-based search at SocialDiligence.com .


Business model

Whozat boasts a proprietary API and powers social search for some of the largest people-related websites in the world. We also own and operate two web properties, whozat.com, which is ad-supported, and SocialDiligence.com, which offers subscriptions and offers advanced search.