Location: to be updated, Wollongong, Australia
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Short URL:
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Awards and mentions
Finalist in the StartUp Smart Awards Melbourne (concept stage) .
Winner of Pitching Competition iAccelerate - (University of Wollongong Innovation Campus) .
Obtained a grant from the NSW Government Trade & Investment to build Prototype .
Selected to Pitch at Cebit Sydney One of the 15 chosen from 200 applicants

The quickest way to find a Video Guide for your Product
Wollongong, Australia
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Company description

Whizbang is a user-centred product support system using video. For the end user: Whizbang is a handy application that uses short videos to show you how to use your new products quickly and easily. You can instantly access each video by simply scanning the product packaging with a mobile device for free. Whizbang also provides a complete "one stop" product support service including email, phone support, manual downloads etc It also assists in buying new products by providing product videos on retail sites via a site widget. For the retailer & brand Whizbang reduces the return rate. Studies show that manufacturers lose a significant portion of their profits through returned goods and most of these returns are without fault. Whizbang will launch with user-generated content (incentives include competitions and a tipping system), gradually inviting manufacturers to integrate their own videos. The main revenue is generated through the sponsorship of product pages by manufacturers.





Business model (Our business website) (The actual video platform) (How it works for businesses) (This is our marketing tool)

Although the service is free, our main revenue will come from the product brands who wish to control the product pages that we host. For a small monthly premium, they will receive:
(1) control over what videos are shown (particularly with the user generated content)
(2) control of all advertising on the page
(3) a customer touch point ( direct contact with our members)
(4) the facility to engage in negative customer reviews & feedback
(5) a second chance to offer product warranties & insurance

Companies will also be able to sponsor video competitions to motivate the production of user generated content thereby gaining third party endorsement.

We are building a widget for retail sites that will instantly propagate that site with videos for their products. We are planning to offer this for free or at a very low premium with the aim of using it at the point of purchase to market our product support platform (the after sales application). We believe that retailers will support it & at the same time provide us with free marketing for our main site.

Competitive advantage
  • Written instructions - painful & often ignored - Videos provide far superior method of learning how to use a product.
    YouTube/Google search - very difficult & time consuming to find quality videos. Our system allows users to access quality videos directly via the product bar code.
    Company support sites
  • These vary in layout & navigation, making the process much harder than using a familiar site each time a user needs support.
  • Whizbang allows users to return to a central site, where all the videos & information they have accessed as members is maintained for the future.
  • All the information for the user's specific product is directly accessible. No need to search for the product or model...we provide all the required info for the user without any site searching.