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Whistle allows customers to communicate with businesses via popular mobile messaging apps (GoogleHangouts, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, etc) & SMS.

We're starting with hotels.

To add detail...

The problem: Over 1 billion people are already using popular mobile messaging apps to to talk with each other. Why can't they use the same proven method of communication and established behavioral patterns to communicate with companies as well?

Through extensive market research the Whistle team has identified a specific problem / use case in the hotel industry to which Whistle's solution can be applied; As technology progresses and millennials become increasingly dependent on technology (and more adverse to in-person, face-to-face communication), hotels are finding that guests are reluctant to report issues to hotel staff via the phone or through face to face interactions. Rather, guests have displayed a pattern of "stomaching" issues throughout the duration of their stay, only to later blindside the hotel with a negative online review, which dramatically impacts the hotels bottom line (as online reviews have become a mainstay of the consumer decision making process).

What is the description of the product: Whistle operates on a single web browser tab. Whistle aggregates customer communications into a minimalistic web and mobile admin panel. Whistle allows businesses to respond or triage incoming messages via a real-time chat interface to and from the customer's preferred app.

Who are your customers: Whistle is targetting the hospitality industry as our early adopter customers (based on customer development / product market fit research), but the broader technology could easily serve many more general use cases.

Whistle has signed contracts with a number of hotels from Los Angeles to New York and will be rolling out a pre-launch pilot program prior to Vator Splash LA.

Why would hotels use this and what is your initial charge: Hotels are choosing Whistle as a pre-emptive solution to negative comments on review sites and social media. Hotels see Whistle as a progressive solution that keeps their business on the forefront of technological innovation. Hotels strategize that Whistle can help position their brand as "tech savvy" in an effort to better connect with their younger guests (especially in response to the industry wide trend of increased smart phone usage among guests).

Whistle's teired SaaS pricing structure is based on the number of rooms in the hotel. Plans start around $125/month.

How big is the market? 

The hotel market alone is huge, but perhaps the best way to address this question is to look at the number of people using mobile messaging apps (over 1 billion people). Then ask, what business wouldn't be interested in communicating with their segment of the global population? Perhaps an indication of this answer is the number of companies that have created Facebook pages simply because "that's where our customers are." More accurately, that's where their customers were. Now, they're increasingly talking on WeChat, WhatsApp, and GoogleHangouts. Enter Whistle.





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Teired SaaS pricing structure (based on number of hotel rooms)

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Speed to market.

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