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I've been using the web and social media as long as anyone and after some time I found there was a missing element. We all pass around an article or a tweet and we are somewhat enlightened by our newfound knowledge. We comment with each other back and forth and share information. So what does it mean?
Companies are creating software to scour Facebook and Twitter's public time line to determine what everyone's talking about. Amazingly complex software with algorithms to decipher mountains of data is used to determine the hearts ands minds of, well, everyone. They believe that by doing so there is marketing potential. Capture public opinion and you can capitalize on it! Right? But it's extremely sophisticated and challenging. We believe we have solved this problem.

If I were to say "search" you would respond Google. If I said "friends" you would obviously reply Facebook. But if I say "consensus" how would you respond? What is the name of the website that provides global consensus? What I mean by that is, if you were to pose a question, how would most people answer? Think about that for just a moment. Imagine if you had a website with the traffic of Google and instead of the search bar you asked a question. What would your question be? Every day 400 million people would answer your question. We have come up with a highly advanced and successful means to do just that. We ask people what they think. Don't under estimate the power in this simplicity.
The REAL power of social media is having tremendous influence. Isn't that one of the major reasons the White House is using the Internet so heavily? The State Department of the United States government recently asked Twitter to postpone a 90 minute scheduled update to its service. Why? Because we had no official channel to communicate with Iranians during its civil crisis. Really? National security is relying on the up time of Twitter? What would have happened if the Iranians had a website that asked them how they voted and it showed the true will of the people? Twitter and Facebook cannot do that. What would be the impact of that question have been if a global polling website existed as well known as Google or Twitter? The social media that exist right now are tools for influence but not answers. Tweets, and blogs, and Facebook pages cannot be "added up" to determine consensus in a definitive way.
But it's EXACTLY what everyone, every company, every government wants to know. So why guess? Ask a direct question and get answers. Do you want to buy a Hybrid car? Yes or no? Combined with several questions to obtain an extremely close model for what consumers would truly want, and you cannot fail. So why doesn't this happen now? Why do we NOT do the obvious and ask people what they want? There are many reasons why, in the past, it's been difficult to achieve this, but not any more. It's what we are collecting. Answers... and lots of them. Global consensus.
This website has taken on a life of its own. It is capturing the curiosity for nearly everything. People are asking the most basic, bizarre, obvious, and outlandish questions. People are asking about products, lifestyle, habits, preferences, styles, passions, and quirks all out of our natural sense of curiosity and wanting to feel connected to others. Our users say they want to know if their answer is what everyone else answered. So they find themselves curiously addicted to answering questions to see the results. By doing so we are collecting global consensus on nearly every issue and topic you can imagine.
What do we do with that information? What would you do with it? Our users are kept completely anonymous, both their answers and their questions. By doing so they are able to freely and honestly answer any question. We don't allow comments or avatars or any other social media elements most commonly found elsewhere. Our users remain completely anonymous. Our users are highly addicted to the site. Our results also show that they answer honestly because there is no fear of criticism. We are also finding that people take their time in considering their answers even though it's just for fun.
Don't be fooled by the simplicity of its appearance. Google has never been much to look at but is the world's largest website. Our site was designed to be simple and easy to use. There are no ads and never will be. No names. No emails (except for ‘forgot password’), only questions and results. After registering on the site you can obtain even more results to questions including the number of voters and their genders. We are also incorporating a map to graphically display the demographics. No other site does this. No other website is the "clearing house" for answers like YouTube is for videos. We are also in the process of building widgets to allow anyone to use their own website to collect answers for themselves.
This website is quickly becoming the social store for global consensus, the one place to go to find out how the rest of the world agrees on any topic. On average, users (remarkably) answer over 26 questions per visit!


So now that you know what the site is about and what it can do, how will you use it? What would you like to know? Ask any question and you'll get answers, FAST!

Welcome to global consensus.... the next step in the evolution of social media.
Welcome to http://Whimsis.com.

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