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Company description

Automotive Networks Corporation, dba WheelsTV, creates and distributes exclusive original content and patent-pending products including Top 200 Test Drives, 1:00 on One, Vehicle Profiles, Crash Test Essentials, WTV Buyers' Guides, WTV Vehicle Comparisons, and WTV Car Care Tips; providing the optimal consumer experience to its distribution partners including AOL,JD Power and Assosciates, AutoTrader, MSN, Charter Cable, Cablevision, Comcast, VEHIX, Autotrader, Walmart, Quebecor Reynolds and Reynolds, Chrome Systems and up to 40,000 OEM franchise dealers.

MyWheelsTVGarage,  provides a unique social networking platform for 28 Million vehicle enthusiasts and 196 Million vehicle owners in the USA. With a diverse range of user-generated content, award-winning original programming and video aggregated from leading media partners, WheelsTV provides news, information and entertainment that consumers want, when they want it; on the Internet, via VOD and Mobile Devices.

Business model

WheelsTV  Consumer Utilities

  Top 200        Consumers most popular video test drives 2 ½ minute videos

  1:00 on One  Vehicle video profiles every make and model in each model year.


Current distribution

AOL, Vehix, MSN, CableVision, AutoTrader, JD Power & Associates. CANOE,

Wal-Mart. Reynolds and Reynolds. Up to 40,000 OEM Franchise Dealerships.


White Labeled Versions

Car & Driver, Hachette Filipacchi


Also in Production.

Lifestyle content from the hottest automotive enthusiast events around the country.

Car Shows from across the USA and around the world.


In Development

Americas Car Show. How to series  2 ½ minute video

Top 200 Lead Generator version. Patent Pending

1:00 on One Lead Generator version Patent Pending

POV,  Pre Owned Vehicle version, updated history.


WheelsTV WorldWide





All Top 200 and 1:00 on One videos are being translated into French and metric.

CANOE is distributing in Canada and returning the translated versions at no charge.

We are redistributing these versions directly to additional users in Canada and through our  partner Chrome Systems to Canadian sites and dealerships.




This organization located in Dubai has started to roll out WheelsTV to 3G mobile networks world wide with a signed distribution agreement in place.


Currently on




Sony Ericckson  under agreement,


Each carrier is on a revenue sharing basis.

Competitive advantage

WheelsTV is uniquely positioned to dominate the automotive social networking super-niche.


  • The Brand: Brand recognition built through years of program airings on MSN, AOL, Comcast, Vehix, Cablevision, Charter, AutoTrader, J.D. Power and Associates and many more.  Millions of daily viewers.
  • Library: A vast and growing library of automotive content spanning over 100 years of the automobile.
  • Distribution: Exclusive distribution via Chrome Systems of industry leading, patent pending test drive videos.
  • Mobile Leadership: Market leader in development and distribution of auto-mobile content via Sony Ericsson, Peermeta, Media Gateway, ROC and more to a worldwide audience of over 3.3 billion video enabled cell phones with over 50 million users already using cell phones to network.