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What's Mine Can Be Yours
Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description
D D and Co Network, is an LLC, which owns and operates a variety of internet companies and services: BUFF magazine.com, LipStickTV (Trademarked), BikiniBasketball.com, BacheloretteMagazine.com, GuyWorks (Trademarked),  WET by liquid Licks Spring Water (Trademarked), and MORE. These companies and services, as well as their related trademarks and domains, are all for sale as one purchase package. Call 508-273-3961.
Business model

I have submitted my plans for a few of proposed companies via Vator.TV. It seems as though there are a lot of lookers, with a lot of suggestions and comments, and a lot of people just like me: trying to make their dream a reality. I have spent all of my money to bring what I have this far. I have spent money on companies promising to provide investors. There seems to be a lack of entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a lack of money, with respect to the VC operations in this country. Everyone wants to spend as little as possible, and that's only if they can see some quick multi-billion-dollar return. Everyone wants to be Bill Gates, it seems... I am not giving up, but am offering to put my prospective ideas in the hands of others. For a reasonable price I will sell numerous trademarks, domains, etc., to you, and in return will offer my vision and 1 year's time to help bring these concepts to fruition.

Please REAL offers ONLY!