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San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Headquartered in San Francisco, WellnessFX™ is dedicated to putting health in the hands of the consumer. At the forefront of the consumer health revolution, WellnessFX’s digital medical marketplace offers an accessible, streamlined way to collect, interpret, and track personal health data. WellnessFX aggregates the underlying biomarkers of common conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and thyroid imbalance, and then provides actionable solutions. Data is communicated through rich, personalized visualizations and delivered via a sleek interface to bring healthcare into the 21st century.  

Jed Katz
Jed Katz is the Managing Director of Javelin Venture Partners. One of the pioneers of online commerce, Jed has spent his 20 year career developing, advising & investing in early stage tech ventures.