Plan your wedding through email with personalized advice and vendor recommendations.
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Company description

WeddingLovely will walk couples through planning their wedding through their inbox, with advice, information, and vendor recommendations tailored for every couple's budget, location, style, and wedding date.

Timely emails will remind couple's of important dates (such as, at six months before your wedding date — time to find invitations!), provide articles and information about that task to help them understand, and then recommend tailored services, products, and wedding vendors.


Business model

We're currently bringing in revenue from vendor subscriptions from our vendor directories, and combining that with affiliate, advertising, and commission revenue directly from our newsletters.

Competitive advantage

We want to help consumers make choices easier for their wedding planning by providing them with curated information and vendors, personalized to the consumer. Weddings aren't one-size-fits-all, and having tailored recommendations will lead to higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates.