Wecter International Group

Wecter International Group
Web design, Web hosting and 3rd party support provider
Toronto, Canada Canada
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Company description

We are an international group providing web design, web hosting and domain services with features that you can not find anywhere else including:

-free online shop

-free online support

-free forum

-free blog

-free photo album

-5 days free

-15 days money-back guarantee

We can also provide online and phone support as a 3rd party to companies that need it. If your company has less than 30 support staff and you are spending more than 10000$/month on support ,maybe you should consider outsourcing it to us. 

Competitive advantage

--Free features with hosting plan like:

    *free online shop

    *free online support

    *free forum

    *free blog

    *free photo album

-- Low prices and high quality services

-- 5 day free

-- 15 days money-back guarantee

-- pay after receiving the service