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Company description

Webvanta is hosted content management system that enables designers to deliver sites with powerful back-end capabilities, without having to contract with a programmer. We believe that web site creation will move to a SaaS model, and that the existing hosted CMS offerings are either too simple or far too expensive.

Webvanta offers the power of a CMS such as Drupal, with the ease of use of a hosted service like Wordpress.com. As a fully-supported, integrated solution, we provide a higher-quality, easier-to-use environment for both web designers and site owners.

Webvanta gives designers all the tools they need to make their sites look exactly how they want, using the same HTML and CSS tools they are accustomed to, while making it easy for the designers' clients to maintain the site. It is the first such service to make it truly simple for a front-end designer to incorporate custom database structures and sophisticated back-end features.

Business model

Webvanta costs $15 to $99 per month per site, which may be marked up by the designer or paid directly by the site owner.

We also offer optional site-building, training and customization services for web designers.

Competitive advantage

Today, most web designers need to add thousands of dollars to the project cost to provide a CMS solution, especially if the project requires a custom database structure. Webvanta eliminates this cost and enables designers to deliver better sites at lower cost and with less pain.

Compared with other hosted CMS solutions, such as Wordpress.com or CushyCMS.com, Webvanta offers far more power and back-end capability. We can also implement custom back-end features as needed, and the service is fully documented and supported.

Compared with self-hosted systems, such as Drupal and Joomla, Webvanta eliminates all the pain of managing a server, keeping up with software updates and security patches, backups, monitoring, and so forth. (See Webvanta compared with Drupal)

Compared with open-source solutions, Webvanta offers designers a fully supported, integrated solution that makes their job easier. See Webvanta and Open Source.