Combining designers, influential brands and their fans into a supercharged ecommerce ecosystem
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Company description

WeBRAND is a crowdsourced merchandise platform for brands and influencers. Currently in Private Beta, WeBRAND will launch to the public in early 2014. 

Through WeBRAND, influential brands crowdsource merchandise design from their fans and the WeBRAND community, test the demand through CrowdShopping (crowdfunding for consumer products), and then WeBRAND sends the most popular items into production.




Business model

WeBRAND’s core revenue stream comes from eCommerce. WeBRAND does not charge any fees or upfront costs to the influencers that it works with, nor does it carry any inventory. Once a campaign is complete, WeBRAND utilizes the user data collected to finalize the perfect limited edition product(s). The product(s) are then placed on pre-sale through the WeBRAND eCommerce platform, which is also embedded on the influencer’s website. WeBRAND remarkets to the campaign participants to drive sales. Once the sales plateau, the pre-sale is completed and the order is placed and fulfilled through WeBRAND’s manufacturing & distribution partners. The influencer receives a royalty rate between 20-40% of net sales of each product sold, 10% is reserved for WeBRAND members, and the remainder (50 - 80%) goes to WeBRAND.

Other Revenue streams include:

  • Royalties from Licensing Agreements - if a property shows potential, WeBRAND may connect the property with a licensing partner in the form of an agency or licensee to develop out the licensing program for the property. WeBRAND will receive royalties on all products created from that deal.


  • Platform Licensing Fees- In some cases, an influencer may be restricted by previous licensing agreements, but may pay a fee to license the platform to run a campaign and collect user data


  • Sponsorship/Advertising - There is potential to integrate sponsorships into certain campaigns





Competitive advantage

WeBRAND has a first mover advantage by combining crowdsourcing and brand licensing. To protect this advantage, the company is utilizing proprietary algorithms and technology  to quickly test the viability of the license of a plethora of brands and will direct efforts toward capitalizing on the top performers. WeBRAND will have rights to royalties on numerous performing digital properties which it connects with its licensing partners.

Through its manufacturing partners, WeBRAND is able to offer a larger variety of quality, trending products without having to carry inventory or create the infrastructure to manufacture, print and distribute itself. This allows the company to be more agile and to be able to focus on acquiring strong IP and capitlizing on eCommerce sales as well as back-end royalties.