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Today, he is building a new business, Weblium. This is a big project, but it offers a radically new approach to creating websites for business.

Today, the website builders have one main problem: as it turned out, people just don’t know how to use website builders properly. Weblium's own research shows that 90 out of 100 sites will look bad.

In other words, you give people a hammer, wood, and nails, but they cannot create a cabinet!

Therefore, the creators of Weblium had offered an innovative solution, “do it for me” format, that will let you avoid a headache and use the many advantages of the website builder and web-development studio:

  • At the start, Weblium experts offer «Draftium» solution that lets you create the prototype of the future website – you see how it will look and how it will work.
  • When it is ready, Weblium Studio takes over, employees make the complete website.
  • Then they create SEO management and promotion functionality.

In the nearest future, Weblium will offer a full cycle solution: planning, prototype creation, the creation of the website, promotion, and support. This is a good option, especially for small businesses.

Weblium plans to reach the point when they will create 1000 websites per day and beat the existing Guinness record of 700 sites per day!

Who will appreciate this solution?

Weblium is the most suitable solution for medium and small businesses: people who do not have special knowledge in the field of programming, and do not want to spend time on it but want to get an optimal result for their money.

Stages of creating a website and the main advantages of Weblium:

Have you ever wondered if you can create an excellent website in 3 days? It is no longer necessary to wait several months until the designer prepares a high-quality layout for your business. Using the Weblium Website Builder, you will get a unique web design that is perfect for your business niche and brand in just 72 hours!

With Weblium, the process of creating a website is very simple:

  1.                  leave a request;
  2.                  agree on the website structure;
  3.                  get your ready-made website in 3 days!

You will get the full access to your website, where you can add the elements you need, change the web pages, etc.


Also, Weblium experts will provide all the necessary SEO settings:

  • redirects;
  • elimination of duplicates;
  • site map;
  • «robots.txt» file;
  • free pictures stock;
  • the ability to register canonical references;
  • the ability to use «no follow» option for the external links.

As a result, with Weblium you get a mobile-friendly website with an individual design, SSL-certificate, Google Cloud hosting, an intuitive site editor, free customer support and a free domain name.

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