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The Weblistic solution leverages patent pending technology with more than 5 years of research & development and millions of dollars of investment. The technology is highly effective for managing thousands of keywords and ad copies, dynamic bid management for the best ROI, ad distribution on various channels and fine tuning of campaigns. It works off the advertising data that has been collected over the years for various local business categories.

Founded by the team that helped pioneer local online advertising, Weblistic delivers cost-effective, high quality leads to local businesses using state-of-the-art search engine marketing.

Weblistic takes the complexity out of local search marketing with a turnkey program that helps local businesses with all the elements required to enjoy online success.

Weblistic's highly trained, in-market specialists and our advanced campaign management systems combine to let us customize and measure your campaign in ways no other partner can.

Launched in 2005, Weblisitic currently helps 1000's of businesses in 100's of categories in markets throughout the country. And we're rapidly expanding.

The founders of Weblistic helped build into one of the most visited destination directories on the Web. But, Weblistic's founders were fast to realize that search engines were making destination sites less important. They realized that to take full advantage of what the Web has to offer local businesses would have to dive into the complex world of search marketing. To do this well, local businesses would need help.

Weblistic was created to make local search marketing accessible to tens of thousands of small and medium sized local businesses that, on the one hand, absolutely have to be on the Web, but on the other hand, don't have the time and resources to self-manage an effective online presence.