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Company description

Webfutprints is an end to end Design and Web House for all your Web Design and Development needs. We design - we create - we visualize and we deliver what we promise. We also provide custom Software Development Services to the Health Care Sector and have a strong product range to support this client base. One of our key strengths, lies in our ability to handle large deployments and take care of smaller web projects in the interim.


With 9 people and 3 years of hard work and dedication - today Webfutprints has it's own product range with successful implementations for the Health Sector. What is even more valuable to us, are the clients that have come to us repeatedly for portal developments using .Net, design services or even small jobs like logo designs. So with 2 key strengths in our hands, we're growing every day! 


At Webfutprints, we are really passionate about designing! We want to leave footprints on the web that serve as a quality standard and yes - we are original and creative.


Check out our raving reviews on Elance:



We have a track record of 100% Customer Satisfaction and Positive Reviews as well the credibility of being Premium Providers only in the first 3 months of starting business on Elance.


We are growing momentously - and we are now re-branding from our original v-tack name to Webfutprints - a name which we strongly believe co-relates to our vision!


Help us grow - beyond the ordinary! 


Visit our website www.webfutprints.com for further details.


Recent Clients:

Some of our recent design projects include:






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Please visit our website www.webfutprints.com for details about our web and design portfolio and clients.


Please visit our corporate website www.itacksolutions.com to view details about our Health Care product range.

Business model

Webfutprints has a very standard offshore development model. Almost all of our clients base is in USA and we are proud to state that we have some Fortune 500 companies like Sanofi-Aventis, world's top 5th Pharmaceutical in our client list. The reason behind such a momentous growth in such a short span of time is simple - we are very focused on quality and taking and delivering projects meticulously.


Our business model has been instrumental in the entire process. We have two main functional segments in the organization - one is of the corporate level which takes care of the development and contracts related to the Health Care Industry - the other, is the more creative and artistic side taking care of our smaller projects. This helps us leverage our  resources in the best possible manner.


Webfutprints under the name of iTack has created and developed an in-house .Net and Microsoft SQL Server based Health application suite that caters to the Health Sector globally. The product range called i-Care is meant to provide a paperless solutions to mid and small size hospitals and clinics. The overall product range has sub-products called i-Labs and i-Clinics which help automate Laboratory and Clinical Processes. The product has already completed 4 successful deployments in Nationwide centers in Pakistan and has been awarded the "Best of E-Health Applications award" by PASHA. 


The applications are all designed by our in-house teams of designers and has very rich web interfaces consistently making use of Microsoft Standards. 


Our Team:

We are Creative to the core and really meticulous when it comes to handling client projects.


Our lovely team includes:


CEO - Sarah Mehreen - Born Visionary with an imagination beyond ordinary. To date involved in handling and managing multiple projects and making clients happy! She is the soul behind every project and involved in projects from start to finish with a keen eye for a Quality Assurance all the way through!


CFO & Operations - Freddie - The man behind the office taking care of all Finances, Operations and Head of our Health Care Informatics clients


Our .Net & Micorsoft Gurus - 3 champs born to lead the development from inside out and dreaming only of one product - our Health Care range called i-Care. These tech gurus proficient in SQL Server and .Net 3.5 with a lovely hands on Silverlight have made our product, the next generation Health Care Product and made it win awards!


Web Designer - The man behind all our lovely Web Designs who has a true passion of making the web a more beautiful place every day. Our champion in Social Media Design - this guy will make you stop and look at HIS page on the web!


Graphic Designer - Our all rounder who can fix everything from a tiny button to making complex 3D Models using Autodesk's 3D Studio Max. He is the one man who illustrates, sketches, draws, creates, finishes and delivers everything required for the entire team here

Our Web Gurus:2 guys dedicated to XHTML, CMS, JOOMLA, Wordpress and Magento work day and night to help our clients achieve whatever is required by them!

We 9 are just a great team together and every project is another journey together!

Competitive advantage

At Webfutprints we truly believe that our strongest Competitive Advantage is our extreme sense of originality and creativity. Every client is important to us no matter how big or small and we try our best to cater to their individual needs. That's why they love us!


Why Webfutprints:

  •  Because our clients fall in love with us and we are in love with the web
  •  Because we understand you and deliver accordingly 
  •  Because we are big enough to take corporate responsibility on board and small enough to still have a keen eye on every detail of the project
  •  Because we are Premium Providers on Elance all based on our merit, quality of projects delivered and client satisfaction ratings
  • Because at Webfutprints our mission is to help you leave a lasting impact on the web
  • We have Fortune 500 clients on our list and yet we have the time and dedication to focus on a tiny job and complete it as required
  • We better our client expectations

Read our raving client reviews on www.webfutprints.com.