NewGardens LLC

NewGardens LLC
We Grow Food In Air
Reno, Nevada, United States United States
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Company description

NewGardens is the first commercial turnkey aeroponic company in the world. We are a combination of cutting edge technology, cultivation of specialty/exotic produce/fruit, sales and distribution in the 21st century. We design & build made-to-order automated, computerized, and controlled aeroponic systems and unique sustainable greenhouses. “We grow food in air”

Business model


Cultivation, sale and distribution of exotic/specialty produce and fruits grown aeroponically to un-served high – end restaurant and resorts industry.


Competitive advantage


NewGardens is the first and the only commercial turnkey aeroponic company in the world. The technology benefits are significant and undeniable, and the applications immense. 

Our aeroponic technology optimizes food yields, flavor and nutrition; extends shelf life; offers herbicide and pesticide residue-free, and pathogen-free produce, which are environmentally-friendly and sustainable, using fewer resources specially water.    

Water waste problem is becoming a world emergency, which is now involving countries traditionally rich in this precious possession. Therefore, the science of aeroponics will be the primary method of supplying scientists in space stations with fresh food and large-scale farming in areas of weak or malnourished soil conditions