Location: Montreal, Canada Canada
Founded in: 2017
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Montreal, Canada Canada
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Wavelite prides itself on drastically reducing IoT’s carbon footprint with a sustainable wireless communication platform for sensors. By freely riding sensor data on ambient Wi-Fi or any other existing protocol (e.g. Bluetooth, zigbee), Wavelite reduces the power consumption of a state of the art radio such as Bluetooth by a factor of 1000X, this can be translated in to 60X improvement in life time of a coin-cell operated sensor. Our mission is to make IoT affordable and scalable by enabling tiny and battery-free wireless sensors that can be scattered in the environment. These sensors will be capable of wirelessly communicating their measurements to our existing computers. With the upper limit imposed by batteries removed, the sensors can proliferate across areas that battery maintenance is an issue. For example, in hospital emergency rooms, patients can be monitored to create a more efficient and reliable structure for prioritizing health conditions. In agriculture, self-powered sensors could be deposited in the soil and require no maintenance, making it possible to continuously gather data and to optimize the use of resources.