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wanteet, inc
marketplace for marketplaces
San Ramon, California, United States United States
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Company description

Wanteet is a platform for creating demand based marketplaces in minutes, an api to customize client, tools for growing the market namely probot,for growing the market, spotbuzz for creating community engagement using email marketing, subscription plans, payment systems like paypal, stripe, etcProblem:Creating a demand based marketplace takes a lot of work. Growing the market is very challenging. We tackle both of these with Wanteet and Wanteet marketing tools viz Probot and SpotbuzzzManagement: Usha Kizhakekara - Founder. I love marketplaces but found building the market too difficult and decided to automate it at Wanteet. I have been around startups for a long time as CTO, architect etc . We help entrepreneurs create marketplaces, build a market, find prospects and create a community.Target Market: Startups, Small and Medium sized companies