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Company description

WAHchinga is a next-generation content network built entirely around you and the things that you're interested in. Our mission is simple. To be the place for BUZZ online. To keep you from having to bounce from site to site for the latest Headlines and Trends by conveniently organizing all your favorite information sources together into streams that you set up and manage via your preferences.

WAHchinga keeps the latest buzz at your fingertips by aggregating news and other media from across the web by topic and category. You can follow what's hot or personalize your experience by buzzing up your favorites. Trending topics automatically show up on your personal "Buzz Wall". And the streams of information that flow to you depends entirely on your preferences. That way you see only the Sources and Categories that you want to subscribe to each morning. How's that for ultimate control?!

WAHchinga is "Where it All Happens!"

Business model

At WAHchinga, we empower people to personalize the web like never before. One piece of content at a time. By organizing the Internet around our Members and the things that they're most interested in, we're enabling our members to create a network of news and media that's built entirely around their preferences... around their world. Because no one can manage how information flows into their worlds better than them! All we want to do is empower them with new and exciting ways to manage it.

Competitive advantage

How does the site work and what is our advantage over other sites?

To provide the most dynamic online user experience available, WAHchinga is partnering with best-of-breed technology platforms to leverage and aggregate public data sources from across the web. By combining those sources into information that programatically focuses on Topics and Categories that are meaningful to you, we can keep you informed 24/7 on all your favorite subjects.

From Twitter, Facebook and Google to YouTube, Hulu and Wikipedia, our website showcases the most diverse topical streams available anywhere. Trends. Headlines. Information streams. Each are organized into frameworks that brings the content world together.

Miss your favorite TV Show? Looking for the latest Episodes or Movie Trailers? Music Videos? Full-length online Movies? Want to see what other people are saying about your favorite Celebrities or Brands? Just browse our Trends and Topics sections and to watch and browse the latest real-time content & information from all your favorite sources.