VoxPop Worldwide Inc. (OTC: VOXI)

VoxPop Worldwide Inc. (OTC: VOXI)
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Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States United States
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In 2003, a major technology disruption changed the landscape of one of America’s most profitable entertainment segments, music. Since then, companies such as Apple have enjoyed adding tens of billions of dollars to their bottom line at the expense of the music business. Although consumers now have a very efficient way to consume music, the way that they consume this music has cannibalized the industry when it comes to ‘new talent’. Sure, there will always be a market for ‘The Beatles’ and ‘The Rolling Stones’, but where will new music come from and is there even demand for new talent? Well according to Borrell Associates almost 63% of radio listers (12-44) would be interested in hearing unsigned bands. Even previous to this study, several new media platforms have emerged such as myspace, youtube, facebook and other music centric platforms that try to bridge the gap between the artist and fan, creating what seems to be a quasi-internet-A&R platform. However to date, no platform has emerged that gives fans the true ability to discover such talent… until now.

VoxPop is a collective think tank comprised of industry experts in the fields of music, radio, technology and marketing who have all come together to create a new media technology holding company that’s pure focus is on discovery and exposure (D&E). We want to give users the ability to discover independent artists and give artists the best possible platforms to provide continued exposure. Since the decline of the ‘music industry’ several websites and new media companies have surfaced to try and fill in the slot left behind from an almost non-existent A&R community. VoxPop, through strategic acquisitions and partnerships will begin to create what will be the future of music in this digital age by replacing A&R with D&E and giving new talent emerging from around the world a chance to be heard.

VoxPop intends to do this by providing a distribution platform for artists through localized community radio platforms that will be propagated with unsigned local talent specific to that community giving users a chance to discover great talent within their respective communities. As new bands and songs fill up the ‘digital airwaves’, VoxPop will begin to introduce a streamlined community of new media properties that will assist the artist in creating exposure and monetizing their products. Soon after, communities will be exposed to other localized regional talent giving great musicians the ultimate exposure. VoxPop intends to become the most trusted resource for D&E by bridging the gap between the user and the artist through new media platforms.

Navigating the company is  music legend Phil (Q) Quartararo who will serve as Chairmen of VoxPop. Driving the company is a 4 time technology entrepreneur and investment banker, Josh Eikov, who will serve as our CEO. Jimmy O’Mahony, our CMO and former global CEO of Saatchi will oversee our marketing and branding initiatives.


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