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Company description

VOS® is an eco-friendly brand established to answer a very simple but profound question: Can you afford to care? VOS® believes most people have a genuine desire to help others and the planet, but unfortunately the majority of these people don’t have the time or resources to have a significant impact on their own. Through the eco-friendly product offering and the Two Steps At A Time™ social initiative, VOS® offers everyone the possibility to help others, keep the planet clean and it’s done without asking people to spend more than what they usually spend on similar products.

VOS® is not only an eco-friendly brand but it also supports a Two Steps At A Time™ social initiative. In partnership with Soles4Souls, VOS® takes a right step of promising for every pair of sandals sold, a pair of footwear is given to someone in need in an under developed community throughout the world. Then VOS® takes a left step and promises that for every sandal that is sold, it also helps provide basic health care and education to the natural rubber producing communities that cultivate the raw material for the sandals, initially in Guatemala. In partnership with AgroSalud and the Guatemalan National Rubber Association, natural rubber producing communities are bestowed clinics which provide basic health care and teach every day personal hygiene and education.

An onsite health promoter is sponsored at each clinic which provides individual face-to-face basic disease diagnosis and treatment, which is critical to people who may not necessarily have access to simple medications like ibuprofen. In addition to providing essential medications, the healthcare component helps maintain good nutrition in children and provides childhood vaccinations and biannual de-worming campaigns. Education goes hand-in-hand with good health, so VOS® is also helping to promote accident prevention in the workplace, oral hygiene and family orientation lectures. VOS® even considers the basic necessities of providing potable drinking water, garbage disposals and latrines.

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Competitive advantage

VOS® sandals are made from natural rubber which is an eco-friendly raw material that is sustainable and recyclable. Having a recyclable sandal in a market filled with non-recyclable sandals helps differentiate the VOS® brand, but that’s just half the battle. VOS® has also designed a recycling program to truly fulfill its commitment to recycle its every step by offering consumers close to 900 recycling bins all over the United States. Thanks to the high quality of the sandals and the partnership with Soles4Souls, sandals that are gently worn are donated to someone in need and worn out sandals are recycled. VOS® is also tied to the Two Steps At A Time™ social initiative which is also changing the world by providing healthcare, footwear and education to communities in need around the globe.