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Live video q&a platform for the world's biggest movers and shakers.
Santa Monica, California, United States United States
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Company description

VOKLE is an embeddable microsite platform where the world’s most powerful and innovative thinkers, doers, movers, and shakers can easily broadcast their live video to a virtual auditorium of viewers, and, most uniquely, take video calls from the audience with unprecedented ease.


It's a global hub for the world’s foremost entertainers, artists, politicians, professors, Pulitzer-Prize winners, Nobel Laureates, and self-realization gurus to engage in insightful, many-to-many video dialogue with viewers on-demand, and from the convenience of their homes.

Business model

Free Events (free to create and free to attend)

-Video Ad Supported


Premium Events (per event cost for publisher; free to attend)

-Video Ad Supported

-Pay $ to unlock direct marketing tools


Competitive advantage

 "The Mount Olympus of Online Events"

Multiple Video Streams:
Multiple, co-hosts can broadcast remotely to virtual room.  Hosts can take live, video calls from audience, and have a back-and-forth dialogue with fans!


Built in Screening System:

Allows host to assign remote screener to privately meet and greet all video callers behind the scenes in order to assure broadcaster that each caller is ready to


Crowdsource staff to help manage event:

Virtually assign producers, co-hosts, screeners, and editors!


User Experience:

By keeping a clean, minimalist style VOKLE remains not only an enticing and powerful platform, but makes competitors look tawdry in comparison.

Embeddable Platform:
When someone embeds a Vokle player on a site or blog post, they are embedding the entire platform.  Users are never bounced upon entry, which means users never have to leave the sites they love to traffic most

Strategic Alliances:

Vokle's versatile platform is allowing us to work closely with organizations ranging from Huffington Post, to Top Spin Media and CauseCast


Other Advantages:

Social media integration; Twitter and Text chat.

Zero software installation. 100% web-based social site.

Direct promotion avenue for tribes/tribe leaders.

Amir Banifatemi
Entrepreneur, investor, product strategist. I help start, grow, and run companies. I work with startups and growth oriented companies on products and initiatives that could bring significant economic and societal impact.