Voice Identity, Inc.

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Voice Identity, Inc.
Securing your Digital Identity
Irvine, California, United States United States
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Company description

Voice Identity uses the uniqueness of the human voice to secure your corporate customer's digital identity.  We battle identity theft and help protect against loss of corporate and corporate client's data.
Each year over 50 Billion dollars is lost due to identity theft, and over 3 Billion in losses can be attributed to online phishing alone.
Our flagship Software as a Service significantly strengthens website login
for web enabled businesses using either a voice password or a dynamic challenge with voice recognition.  Voice Identity works very simply by using a microphone on your laptop or by a mobile phone call if you are remote.
Voice Identity is unique by bringing this technology to web enabled businesses.
We have a great business model enabling growth into online banking, business portal, and e-commerce markets.

Business model

Core Mission

Using disruptive technology, Voice Identity helps corporations and web-enabled businesses reduce losses from online theft or confidential data theft via our patent pending process. By providing a subscription-based software as a service (SaaS)– Voice Identity uses speaker verification technology to verify a corporate employee or customer's identity prior to allowing them account access. Voice Identity virtually eliminates online theft by making stolen information useless, such as logins/passwords, credit card numbers or bank accounts. Unless this information is verified with voice verification, Voice Identity will not grant access.


Core Product for OpenID Web Authentication

Voice Identity is a web-based security service that combines widely used OpenID standard and voice biometrics technology to provide foolproof verification at login. OpenID is one of the fasted growing web-based security services with over 1 billion registered user accounts and over 60,000 participating web sites (e.g. Google, Yahoo!, AOL). The OpenID standard provides online users with only one ID and password to access corporate information or websites that utilize the OpenID standard. In fact, OpenID standardarizes login but actually opens the gates to Online Theft because a thief can get access to all keys, while Voice Identity secures OpenID.

To use Voice Identity during login, a corporate website enables a registered visitor to simply speak a passphrase into a microphone on their computer, or their mobile device in order to prove their identity to the corporation, website, or web portal. The product provides a dynamic challenge feature, where a user speaks a one-time password challenge phrase, providing higher security for corporate sensitive data, online purchases, or higher stakes transactions.


Competitive advantage

Several OpenID competitors exist, for example, Vidoop and RSA are providing registration and authentication services. Voice Identity is currently the only firm which integrates voice biometrics and OpenID, and greatly enhances existing authentication methods. Our patent pending protects this position.

The Voice Biometric competition consists of several companies most notably Voice.Trust AG, Diaphonics, VoiceVault, Nuance, and Persay. However, these companies generally are either 1) licensing core technology without a full solution or 2) concentrate on providing a higher cost, custom method of deployment, while Voice Identity provides voice biometrics via a lower cost SaaS model. The competition cannot easily switch over to a SaaS model when their entire infrastructure is geared towards traditional software deployment methods.

In addition, Voice Identity differentiates itself by also providing a product for the web authentication and mobile markets, while our primary competitors pursue costly telephone-based integrations focused solely on the call center.

In the realm of Enterprise Applications, corporate Single-Sign-On, VPN access, Document Signing & Workflow, and Identity Management, several possibilities exist for partner relationships which help to bolster security for the partner firm by leveraging Voice Identity's technology. Target firms include PING Identity, Arcot, Multifactor Auth, and Sun Microsystems – to name a few.