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Company description

Vobok lets you share your life with people and organizations you care about. Let your family, friends, followers or admirers hear what you have to say - from anywhere, and at anytime.

With Vobok in your hand, you can walk out of your door with clothes on your back and happily go a very long way.




Business model

Vobok is the reimagination of a big idea. Vobok is a micro-podcasting platform which allows you to create digital content around voice-enabled experiencess in a new 30 second format. Vobok's business model is similar to other new media platform companies such as Twitter where we will be able to monetize the commercial content created on Vobok by brands, media companies and enterprises.

Competitive advantage

We are still in Spring Training where the competition has tunnel vision. The competition is primarily focused on voice as a feature for social messaging while Vobok is focused on micro-podcasting - Its like Twitter with 30 second sound bites!

1.      Voxer

a. The company has been around for a while and has burnt through $20MM before raising another $30MM at $180MM pre-money valuation from Institutional Venture Partners, Intel Capital and Angels in April 2012
b. Was Initially focused on enterprise and large dispersed groups that needed a way to quickly share what was happening but pivoted with last round of funding in 2012 to focus on consumers due to viral nature of voice anbled appsl and is currently adding 200,000 users daily

2.      Zello

a.  Is a social radio and focused on voice communities 

b.  It has hundreds of channels that you can tune into in order to listen to a subject/topic of interest

c. Company is adding 100,000 users daily and has been angel funded.

3.     HeyTell (Voxalite)

a.  Self funded by husband and wife, has an ad supported and freemium subscription model

b.  Primarily growing through WOM and added 3.5M users in Year 1