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Company description

VitalLock's Facebook connect Web and Adobe AIR applications let you privately compose messages for real-time delivery or to be distributed or deleted in the future after verification of an event such as disaster, disablement, detention or death.

VitalLock is an elegantly simple Rich Internet Application messaging client that acts as an encrypted Swiss Bank safe deposit box for your messages and data. VitalLock further provides legally protected private storage of documents and v.i.t.a.l. (video, image, text, account and link) data.

Basic storage, retrieval and routing of text, account and link information is free for life with upgrades to allow greater attachment storage and annual subscriptions to enable after-trial offer editing of messages scheduled with advanced delivery options.

In an emergency VitalLock can provide timely access to your online life and can allow you to communicate your last wishes and personal messages to loved ones.

Viral growth is amplified by factors such as who wouldn't want a message from their loved ones should a tragedy occur and this is magnified by the unspoken undertone of there may be something in it for them. 

Business model

Cloud privacy PKI platform and storage with transactional Rich Internet Application for free consumer friendly strong client-side encryption of messages and attachments. VitalLock is integrated with facebook, email, twitter, and sms.

  • Subscription based server-side additional capabilities include increased S3 storage, stronger 2048bit encryption keys, priority notification queuing, advanced scheduling (disaster, disability, detention and death) content templates, file attachments application and more.
  • RESTful JSON based open API and opensource libraries for developers
Competitive advantage

Unique C2C positioning which requires new account holders to identify a minimum of three (3) individuals as beneficiaries and/or trustee's of their account status. Driven by fear of the unknown (insurance), greed (what's in it for me as an heir) and disruption (reducing estate management legal fees).

  1. VitalLock secure strong-encryption of the media and encrypted storage and delivery of video, image, text, account, link (VITAL) data. Delivers 'If I only had one more moment' messages.
  2. LegalLock trusted double encryption (pgp enveloping) of vital data provides attorney‚Äźclient privilege protections. Affords users complete legal privacy protections.
  3. EchoLock encrypted archival storage of feeds, blogs, wikis and raw hard drive backup data. Allows user to create an eternal online digital memorial of their story / epitaph / beliefs.